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Firearm hire will be temporarily unavailable due to the transfer of Firearm Registration permits.

The Sydney International Shooting Centre is one of the most advanced sports shooting ranges in the world. Built in 1999 to a $33 million budget, our state-of-the-art electronic target and scoring equipment gives elite and novice sports shooters an instant and accurate computer score without the need to change targets. 

There are a number of sports shooting disciplines available, including rifle, pistol, air rifle, air pistol, trap, double trap, skeet, five standard sporting clay and American skeet. We also offer Try Shooting for unlicensed shooters. 

The shooting range accommodates pistols up to calibre .45, blackpowder muzzle loading pistols, air rifle up to calibre .25 and .38/9mm (sighting-in on paper turning target range only) and rimfire rifles to .22mag. Learn more about ammunition and firearms permitted on the 10, 25 and 50 metre ranges.

The Sydney International Shooting Centre is a shooting range, not a shooting club and does not meet firearm licensing requirements. Find out how to get a NSW Firearms Licence

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