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See below for a description of each of the activities on offer at Sport and Recreation Centres:

At height activities



Imagine looking over a cliff and wondering how you are going to reach the bottom. Participants get to unleash their inner daredevil and descend down steep vertical drops with ropes, all the while learning to conquer their fear of heights in a safe, controlled environment.


Campers scale a vertical or near vertical wall using climbing pegs of different shapes and sizes.  With climbers attached to a safety line via their harnesses, this physical challenge is suitable for young and older schoolchildren, and adults of all ages.

Flying fox/cable glide

For first-timers, the flying fox can appear terrifying, but the activity swiftly gives way to whoops of delight as seated participants are released from a platform some 10 metres above ground in order to swoop down a wire cable until they reach a resting position. Great for edging participants outside their comfort zones, this activity teaches the difference between real and perceived risk.

Giant swing

How high will you swing? Participants find out as their teammates pull on a rope that raises them high above the ground.  Participants choose how high they go want to go, then pull the rip cord when they are ready to swing. It’s a buzz, and very popular with those who like to test - and conquer - their fear of heights.

High ropes

This challenge involves participants testing their balancing skills and fear of heights as they traverse elements on a high wire course.  The course varies in height from 3 to 8 metres above the ground, and the goal is to make it to the other side, heart in your mouth notwithstanding.  Built for ages 10 and up, it’s a great way to test both physical and psychological mettle.

Possum run

This generates a fantastic thrill for the lucky “possum” participant who is harnessed and attached to one end of a rope. Team mates are attached to the other end of the rope which runs over a pulley 14 metres high.  The team pull the rope behind them as they run and the “possum” at the other is swung high up in the air. Everyone gets their turn, and it’s a lot of crazy fun!

Vertical challenge

The only way is up for participants on the Vertical Challenge. Working as a team, both in the air and on the ground, climbers scale rope ladders, and climb up and over tyres, logs and other obstacles that make up the vertical playground.  Always in harness for safety, participants get to test their physicality and learn the value of teamwork and peer support.


Aquatic activities



Using single blade paddles, participants glide across flat water in tandem in canoes, learning the art of slicing their paddles effectively through water to cover distances and reach specific sites. Once proficient, they get to explore the waterways.

Dragon boating

Twenty paddlers sit two astride in a long canoe and a cox (or navigator) calls instructions from the rear. Teams work in unison to propel the boat forwards, and the first dragon boat across the finish line, wins.  Here, team work is key!


For kayaking, participants use double-bladed paddles to manoeuvre and control their body-hugging vessels as they traverse the waterways. Kayaking is brilliant for upper body fitness and not as easy as professionals make it appear!

Raft building

Imagine if you were shipwrecked and washed up on a deserted island. Would you be able to build yourself a raft and sail or paddle to freedom? After this course, you just might as you learn to build a raft from a selection of materials.


This is a fun, recreational activity where participants are taught about rigging, sailing techniques, safety procedures and the variability of weather conditions. A great starting point for future Sydney to Hobart sailors!

Sea kayaking

Here, participants apply their knowledge of flat water kayaking on open water. Using double-bladed paddles, they chart a course across the surf and flex their paddling muscles, all the while communing with nature.

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)  Participants stand up on a large board and use a paddle to move through the water. It is a relaxing way to develop balance, core strength, stronger legs and arms. And when you're learning, falling is all part of the fun!  

Surf skis

Similar to kayaking, but this time astride a surf ski saddle, participants control their craft with a double-sided paddle and manoeuvre their way across flat or open water. Learn the concepts and techniques and become a pro!

Team rafting

A giant disc-shaped raft becomes an aquatic playground for up to eight children who learn to paddle the ‘raft’ in a straight line instead of whirling endlessly in circles.  Children love jumping on and off while learning the art of teamwork to achieve goals.

Water games

Come summer, a frenzy of games are hosted in the swimming pool, from water polo to Marco Polo. It’s a great occasion for participants to cool off, have fun and flex their swimming muscles.


Environmental activities


Alpine walk

Participants hike from Thredbo to Mt Kosciuszko and along the way enjoy the scenery, flora and fauna. Once they’ve completed the rollercoaster hike, there’s a group photo to capture the achievement.


Participants get to experience camping, including an overnight stay in tents, and cooking meals on an open fire. Camp skills are imbibed, including how to select a campsite, set up shelter, cook on an open fire and make damper.  Depending on participant numbers, camping equipment and cooking utensils can be provided.


This activity often takes place in conjunction with a bivouac or bushwalk activity, with participants taught how to safely prepare a meal over an open fire.  Roasted marshmallows, anyone?

Environmental art

This is an experiential learning experience where participants are exposed to art in nature, and encouraged to create their own artwork. This inspires creative thinking and encourages participants to tell a story using everyday objects from nature and simple art processes.


These are special exploratory excursions tailor-made for groups with a specific purpose in mind. These can include hiking, kayaking and/or camping, depending on the group goals. Participants are immersed in a bushland experience away from the Centre and are typically made responsible for packing and carrying their own expedition equipment and food.

Marine studies

This activity encourages participants to explore the Centre’s marine environment. Beachcombing and snorkelling in sheltered rock pools is all part of the aquatic fun.

Nature walk

Native flora and fauna is discovered and discussed as everyone takes a hike through the natural environment and enjoys being outdoors while learning the history of the local area.


This sharpens participants’ navigation skills as they explore outdoor terrain and enjoy the magic of outdoor life using compasses, map and landmarks to get around.


Personal development activities


Chain Reaction Based on the domino effect and designed around Rube Goldburg’s Chain Reaction Machines, students will be working in teams to create a complex process to complete a simple task through multiple transfers of energy.

Dark maze

This invites participants to navigate their way through a maze of darkness and confined spaces.  To emerge from the maze successfully, participants will conquer their fear of the unknown and darkness. Quite a challenge!


This involves a series of fun activities where groups are given problems to solve. Perfect for developing teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills, the challenges can be tailor-made to achieve specific curricular or group outcomes.

Leap of faith

Participants climb a pole to reach a platform and once there, are encouraged to jump and reach a nearby trapeze bar. With a full body harness and helmet, this safety-conscious ‘can I do it?’ challenge helps participants to realise they can do anything if they put their mind to it.

Low ropes

This challenge is a precursor to a High Ropes challenge with a network of cables over which participants traverse. Ideal for team building, this exercise expects teams to work together to get everyone across the various rope elements.

Pioneering A teamwork challenge where participants are required to build their own chariot out of timber, ropes, nuts, bolts, and wheels. Teams will earn extra equipment by completing bonus challenges and will race their chariots to see whose will reign supreme.
Survival Skills  What would you do if you were lost in the wild? Working as part of team, participants will be challenged with a range of important skills, from constructing a shelter to making and carrying a stretcher, creating slings and splints, as well as building and cooking on an open fire. This activity will help you survive in all elements.

Wombat hole

This is an underground maze where participants crawl their way through obstacles in complete darkness to reach the exit.  Sound scary? Kids love it, conquering their fears of the unknown and tight, cramped places.


Recreational activities


Adventure course

For this activity, participants are introduced to a swag of daredevil activities, all in the safest environment. There are rope-climbing exercises to test strength and agility, obstacle courses to test tenacity and zip-lining for derring-do and sheer fun. Kids love it all!


Participants pretend they are Robin Hood and learn the art of bow and arrow, all in a safe environment.  Learner archers aim for the bull’s eye, all while learning everything about eye/hand coordination.

Aussie sports

Activities include a range of Australian favourites including lawn bowls, cricket, AFL and touch football. All great for building team spirit and camaraderie!


In this activity, participants break up into teams and throw a ball around until it is safely deposited into a hoop. Goal! Great fun, good exercise and excellent for building teamwork, it’s no wonder basketball is popular with participants.

Beach games

Feel the sand between your toes and enjoy mucking around on the water’s edge. A range of activities are designed to ensure participants get the most out of the aquatic location, and fun is the name of the game.

Beach volleyball

This is a team sport played on the water’s edge with teams hitting or pushing the ball over a net with different parts of their body. Requiring a great deal of fitness as participants run in the sand as they follow the ball, this activity fuels teamwork and the thirst to win.


This is a buzz for rev heads. Participants get on their bikes and race around on a BMX track, learning about road rules and technique and safety along the way. Engines on, go!

Circus skills

Love a circus? This activity gives participants the opportunity to practise circus exploits that may look easy – and are not! Try juggling three spinning plates or riding a unicycle and find out for yourself!


For this activity, participants are introduced to all sorts of practical, hands-on leisure activities like macramé, origami, knitting, crocheting, or jewellery making, to name a few.  The aim is to have participants create something personal in a soothing, meditative environment.


This activity features age-appropriate music and moves that inspire kids to get bopping to the beat. It’s all about feeling fearless on the dance floor and dancing like no-one is watching! Participants also get to learn and participate in popular structured dances as a group.


This is an introduction to the history, swordsmanship skills and etiquette of the modern Olympic sport. Conducted between pairs, it could inspire participants’ interest in a surprisingly technical, refined sport.


This can be done either formally or informally, depending on requirements. Formal workshops teach fishing techniques; alternatively, participants can relax waterside with reels and see what they hook!


This is a court game akin to soccer played with a smaller, heavier ball. Participants are broken up into teams playing according to rules exactly like those of soccer. This is an excellent way to build up aerobic fitness and teamwork.

Grass skiing

When there is a lack of snow, the alternative is to attach a rolling tread (or caterpillar track, as it is called) to snow skis and get skiing on grass! Participants learn this thigh-strengthening sport from experts, and enjoy careening down the grassy slopes.

Indigenous games

Participants discover the art of boomerang throwing and learn more about Aboriginal sports culture, putting their learnings into physical practice.

Mini golf

This is a novelty version of golf played on a miniature course with a putter and golf ball.  The course features obstacles such as alleys, bridges and tunnels and tests a participant’s hand-eye coordination, not to mention their swing.

Obstacle run

There are various ways this activity can go: it can be team or individually based; it can be static or take place over a more gruelling kilometre-long terrain. Depending on what your program seeks, the obstacle run is tailor-made to suit your needs. Physically challenging, this activity is also great for building resilience.

Parachute games and Earth ball

For building teamwork and trust among younger kids, parachute and earth ball exercises are great fun. In Earth Ball, a variety of games can be played including push-and-shove football, human skittles or ‘giant’ soccer. In addition, our colourful nylon parachute is used as a prop where participants play Cat-and-mouse, Popcorn and other games requiring concentration and attention.

Skiing and snowboarding

When there’s snow on the ground, it’s time to pull out your skis or snowboard and either ski down the slopes or ride your board over the white and fluffy terrain.  Best of all, you learn the ropes with qualified instructors.

Slip 'n slide

Feel like a bit of old-fashioned fun?  Young and old, teachers and students don their swimming costumes to slide down a wet and soapy tarpaulin, shrieking with laughter as they tumble along the slippery slope.  Let go of your inhibitions, and give it a go!


Ideal for building confidence in the water, participants are encouraged to don fins, goggles and snorkel and swim around the aquatic environment and enjoy the discovery of what lurks beneath the water. Both relaxing and interesting, snorkelling is a great activity to enjoy in the water.

Sponge wars

Teams re-enact different war scenarios with sponges in an experience of free-for-all hilarity. Almost everyone is doused in water until the last man is left standing.


If you are a potential Nick Kyrgios or Samantha Stosur, this is an opportunity to brush up your game with the help of our instructors.  Great for physical and mental fitness!

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