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Morisset Sports Facility

The NSW Government closed Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre in 2019 following an independent review that found the Centre was not safe to re-open due to the serious potential risk to clients and staff arising from the potential failure of Origin Energy’s Eraring power station’s ash dam wall in the event of major seismic activity.

In January 2022, land that was previously part of Morisset Hospital within the Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area was selected for the new facility by the NSW Government.

The new facility will be purpose built to support the increasing demand for sporting facilities in the Morisset area and will be accessible to all the community.

Since the site was announced, the NSW Office of Sport has commenced planning for the new facility, including preparing a Needs Brief for the project, undertaking community engagement and progressing land acquisition discussions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the status of the new Morisset Sports Facility?
The NSW Government is currently developing a vision for the project, determining what sport and recreation activities will be included and undertaking further investigations of the proposed site.

When will construction on the new facility commence?
Following the completion of the planning and consultation processes as well as land acquisition activities, a construction timeline will be developed.

Will the NSW Government own the new facility?

Will community groups that used the former Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre be accommodated at the new facility?
As part of the planning and community consultation processes, the NSW Government will consider the types of sport and recreation activities that will be available at the new facility.

What has happened to the former Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre?
The former Centre has been decommissioned and the NSW Office of Sport continues to maintain safety and security at the site. 

In March 2023, the Hunter and Central Coast Regional Planning Panel approved a Development Application (DA) for the demolition of former Centre.

A contractor will undertake the demolition works which includes the demolition and removal of all land and water-based structures at the site, the decommissioning of existing electrical, water and sewer services, and minor earthworks. 

These works are anticipated to commence later this year.

The centre remains closed to the general public for safety and security reasons.  Any persons found trespassing at the site will be reported to Police.

What will happen to the site after the former Centre is demolished?
The safety risks that were identified by an independent review when the Centre was originally closed have not changed. 

Following the demolition of the centre, the site will remain in public ownership. 
The NSW Government has no future usage plans for the site.

Community Feedback - what were the findings of the online survey?
In late 2022, 663 people responded to the Office of Sport’s online survey, with more than 450 respondents stating they lived in the Morisset area.

Respondents shared their views on:

•    What types of facilities are used the most.
•    New sport and recreation facilities that may benefit the community; and
•    What other ancillary facilities should also be considered.

Respondents stated the most used facilities supported peoples’ participation in active recreation and facilitated their enjoyment of the natural environment at Lake Macquarie.

Respondents suggested new facilities should support:

•    The growth in adventure sport activities, for example indoor climbing, bouldering, parkour and tree canopy high ropes;
•    More traditional indoor and outdoor team-based sports; and
•    The community’s growing interest in non-team based outdoor activities.

It was also suggested the new facilities should be complimented with a range of public amenities such as sealed parking areas, quality amenities, and secure storage areas.

Community Feedback – online survey results conducted from November to December 2022. (PDF, 155.25 KB)

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