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This object throwing game was observed being played on Mer Island in the Torres Strait late last century. The game is named after the beans of the Kolap tree which were used as throwing objects.


Two players form a team to compete against another team or the game can be played with one player against another


  • Two mats (softball bases, rubber mats or towels) are laid at a distance of 5–7 metres apart
  • Use bean bags (for younger players), coins, large buttons or flat bocces to represent the kolap beans

Game play and basic rules

Two players sit (or stand) behind each mat. The players who are partners are placed diagonally opposite each other. Each player has four kolaps which they try to throw to land on the mat opposite them. One player has their turn. The kolaps are collected and the player on the opposite team at the other mat has their turn. Continue in this manner.


Players score when their kolap lands on the mat. The kolaps must land completely on the mat to count as one point. A combined score of 20 finishes the game for a team.

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