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Office of Sport

A great idea is to run a Tabloid of Traditional Indigenous Games. You can modify your chosen selection of games to use in a tabloid format. 

Groups of 4-6 playing over a 2-4 minute time period would be recommended. Groups are taken around each activity and the rules are explained. Groups are then assigned an activity to start with. After each rotation, and while the scores are being recorded, one player from each group stays behind to explain the activity for the next group before rejoining their own group. Allow a short practice time.

Student leaders may be used where mixed age/ability groups are involved — these leaders stay at each activity and explain the rules to each group and record the scores.

Modify each game to be run over the shorter time period and create a score sheet to hand in at the end of Tabloid.

Download Tabloid Score Sheet (PDF, 21.86 KB)

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