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Office of Sport

Office of Sport keeps records associated with its core functions of coordination, funding allocation, policy and planning and other non-service delivery functions.

The Office of Sport is required to comply with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) (PPIP Act) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW) (HRIP Act) when dealing with the personal information of its customers.

Information made publicly available

The following categories of information provide a sample of what is made publicly available on the Office of Sport website:

  • Information about the Office of Sport
  • Information relating to Office of Sport projects
  • Information on grant recipients

Open access information

Open access information is a category of information explained further below under ‘Information we must disclose’.

Some information held by the Office of Sport may not be accessible to members of the public. Under the GIPA Act, Office of Sport cannot be compelled to disclose certain types of information. Please contact the Office of Sport Right to Information Officer on 02 8762 9858 or at sends e-mail) for further information.

Continuous Disclosure Policy

The Office of Sport is committed to improving transparency, participation, collaboration and innovation by increasing access to government information.

Continuous disclosure is one of the key components of an effective corporate governance framework to facilitate accountability and integrity.

The Office of Sport will continuously disclose to the public and identified key stakeholders, information on current and planned work, performance outcomes and expenditure. This information will be disclosed through email, parliamentary reports and web-based publications with the Office of Sport annual report being the main document to disclose key information on the Office of Sport activities.

Other publications

Other Office of Sport publications made available on the Office of Sport website

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