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About the Participation Planning Tool

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The Her Sport Her Way Participation Planning Tool was developed with the goal of helping sporting organisations increase participation among women and girls. 

Using the Sport Australia Drivers of Participation framework as a guide, we’ve created a questionnaire to help identify positives and potential focus areas. We’ve also compiled relevant resources and recommendations to drive action and reach your female participation goals. 

The planning tool and resources can be used in many ways including writing your strategic plan, inducting board members and staff, liaising with your stakeholders on your female participation goals, product development, and creating female-friendly marketing materials. 

Why should we focus on female participation? 

Sport Australia and the NSW Government believe people should be put first when it comes to sport participation. Equitable opportunity to participate and be involved in sport should be the right of every woman and girl regardless of background or ability.

While there are clear physical benefits to sport participation, it's not just the athlete who benefits from the opportunity to engage with sport. Women and girls who participate in sport also reap significant psychological and social benefits.  They are more likely to finish their education, be in better health and earn higher wages in the course of their lives which leads to long-term economic benefits for Australia.

We also know that women and girls who play sport are more likely to be fans of women’s sport and, the longer they play, the more engaged they are. These women and girls are also more likely to engage with sponsors of women’s sport, leading to better commercial outcomes for brands. Therefore, for sports with professional women’s teams, driving participation among women and girls can help make your professional teams more commercially successful.

To learn more about the benefits of female sports participation, please read the Her Sport Her Way strategy developed by the NSW Government. 

What is the Participation Planning Tool?

While sporting organisations agree more women and girls should participate in sport, there is often a lack of understanding of how to go about this. The interactive, online Participation Planning Tool can help organisations create a strategy for increasing sport participation for women and girls.

The tool will:

  • Help to organise thinking and strategy on female participation
  • Adapt to your organisation’s needs and capabilities
  • Assess your organisation’s current areas of strength and opportunities for improving female participation
  • Provide tools and techniques to executing a female participation strategy

How was the tool developed?

Originally, a participation framework was developed in a collaboration between Sport Australia and Nielsen to identify drivers and barriers to sport participation. Nielsen interviewed and surveyed key stakeholders across sporting organisations within Australia, conducted a literature review, and consulted our network of global resources to understand the issues faced in keeping participants active.

Developing this framework involved several steps:

  1. Understand what successful engagement looks like for participants
  2. Identify the structures that can cause or prevent positive outcomes 
  3. Analyse the current landscape and the impact it has on the drivers

Nielsen has collaborated with Office of Sport in customising the framework for female participation by focusing on what women and girls need.

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