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For the Participation Planning Tool to be as useful as possible, we have outlined a methodology for using it below. 

Every organisation is at a different stage of strategy and planning, so please use this as a guide to support you.

Who should complete this tool?

The planning tool can be completed by an individual or a group from within your organisation.

It is recommended that members of the board/committee (CEO, Female Participation Manager/Female Participation Subcommittee etc.) are included in the initial discussion and completion of the tool so the inputs are accurate. This will help to ensure the recommendations associated with the current female participation structure are specific to the needs of your organisation.

Complete the Participation Planning Tool

Resource identification: 

Before beginning the Participation Planning Tool, identify the people with the most knowledge of female participation in your sport to help you complete the questionnaire.

Driver review: 

Review the drivers of participation to understand how the tool can help you and your organisation.

Summary report review:

Based on your answers, you will see areas your organisation is performing well at, and areas where there is room for improvement.

Opportunity identification:

Review drivers where the tool has identified an opportunity for growth to understand all aspects of the driver and what can be achieved by improving.

Strategic plan alignment:

Your female participation strategy should align with the whole of sport strategy and other participation plans. If your sport does not have a strategic plan, you can learn more in our Running your SSO resources and the Participation Planning Tool Resource Library - Alignment section has a number of examples.

Stakeholder identification and consultation: 

Before embarking on a female participation strategy, ensure key stakeholders are notified of the process and invited to contribute.

Team engagement: 

Identify a group of individuals who can help to drive female participation. While board members, management and staff are important, consider engaging current or past participants or outside organisations.

Information collection:

Your female participation strategy should be created using market insights and reliable evidence to make data-backed decisions. Gather any relevant information required on female participation in your sport and the driver/s of focus. Identify any knowledge gaps and understand how they will be addressed.

Develop the plan: 

Using a strong planning methodology provides a clear step by step approach to developing a plan. Visit the Participation Planning Tool resources library for information on how to create your female participation strategy as well as examples.

Stakeholder engagement:

After the draft plan is developed, engage with stakeholders to achieve buy in and support. This also provides insights that the planning team may not have considered.

Finalise plan:

Consider feedback and incorporate where relevant and required.


Circulate the finalised plan to all key stakeholders.

KPI measurement: 

On a regular basis, determine which KPIs your team has met and how you can continue to meet them, adapting your plan as necessary.


Re-evaluate your priorities and course-correct based on past successes or failures.

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