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Corporate governance is the system by which your club or association is controlled. It is about how your club or association manages its resources effectively for both members and stakeholders.
Committees and boards must fully understand their responsibilities, as well as the key operational aspects of their club/association.

Good corporate governance is about:

  • Planning - Developing strategic goals and objectives, and determining how these can be achieved
  • Organisational performance - Monitoring the performance of the club or association against performance targets financial to ensure the goals and objectives are achieved
  • Leadership - Ensuring the club or association is governed responsibly with the best interests of members and stakeholders at the core of decision making.

Check your club’s governance against the Good Governance checklist (DOCX, 245.72 KB).

More information

Your state or national body is a good first port of call for advice and assistance.

The Office of Sport’s Governance Framework can assist your club in improving its governance practices and systems.

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As with any resource, this does not replace obtaining legal advice on each sport specific requirement and it is recommended you do so. 

The information provided in this resource is for your information only.  The authors and the NSW Office of Sport accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or your reliance upon it.

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