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Using cash flow modelling can assist your Board, Committee of Management or executive monitor the financial health of your sporting organisation and undertake modelling and scenario planning.

A cash flow model can provide a detailed understanding of an organisations financial position, including its income, expenditure, investments and debts. A cash flow model can be used to project forward, considering different scenarios and possibilities and assisting an organisation to plan for the future.

The Office of Sport’s Cash Flow Modelling Tool has been developed specifically for State Sporting Organisations and clubs to use.

  • To use the Tool, you will need your organisation’s financial reports from the current and/or previous financial year.
  • The Tool is housed within an Excel spreadsheet and can be downloaded to use offline.
  • Before you start, you will need to download and read the Cash Flow Modelling Tool user guide.
  • It is recommended that you use the Tool in conjunction with your financial or accounting staff or volunteers.

The use of this Tool does not constitute legal or financial advice and is general in nature.  It should not be acted upon without the full understanding of your current situation and future goals and objectives by a fully qualified professional financial or legal advisor.  The Office of Sport accepts no liability or responsibility for the accuracy and suitability of any information generated or your reliance upon it.

This Financial Model ('the Model) has been constructed for a specific purpose and is not intended for distribution to third parties. Third parties who obtain copies of the Model should be aware of the following:

  • the Model may not be suitable for purposes, other than the specific purpose for which it has been designed, and the interests of third parties may not have been anticipated
  • the Model was not intended for use by third parties and may not be designed so that it can be readily operated in a correct manner by such parties
  • the Model may be a development version and may not be complete or, in the event that the development of the Model has concluded, material events may have occurred since completion, which are not reflected in the Model'
  • the Model may not have been subject to independent testing and where it has been tested, this may not provide an appropriate degree of assurance for all possible uses of the Model
  • the Model is to be used in conjunction with the User Guide
  • their use of the Model constitutes acceptance of this disclaimer.

As modelling is only estimating a forward projection it cannot be relied upon to reflect your sporting organisation's actual cashflow or financial health.

Accordingly, third party recipients of the Model use it entirely at their own risk and, in the absence of express written consent, no responsibility is taken or accepted for any losses which may result therefrom, including direct or indirect consequences of computer viruses.

Cash Flow Modelling Tool

User guide (PDF, 344.67 KB)


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