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Office of Sport

Western Coach Network

The Office of Sport have established a Western Coaches Network. Bringing coaches from across the Western Region together from all sports, providing an avenue for coaches to connect, learn from one another, share ideas and success stories, or ask questions and get support from fellow coaches who may be at the other end of the state.  

The Western Coach Network will also provide access to coach development opportunities (through training and webinars), and access to the latest sector information and resources. 

There is no commitment, no cost and no catches. We just want to bring like-minded people together to share ideas and create a supportive network of coaches. This network will not replace any existing coach networks you may be a part of through your own sport/ state sporting organisation/ club/ regional association. It is intended to complement your existing sport specific networks and bring coaches from all backgrounds and experience levels together, with the commonality of residing in the Western Region. 

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