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Office of Sport

         Child Safe Sport training

atheltes in a team huddle

Children and young people participating in sport and active recreation have the right to be safe, in clubs that are free from harm and abuse. 

The Office of Sport and the Office of the Children's Guardian provide training on how clubs can create safer sporting environments for children and young people.

During this training you will learn about: 

• Protecting children and young people from harm and abuse
• Understanding the Child Safe Standards
• Practical ways to apply the Child Safe Standards
• Simple steps to getting started 
• Where to get further help and resources. 

There are two required components for this Child Safe Sport training:

  1. Completion of the Child Safe Sport eLearning 
  2. Attend a Child Safe Sport workshop (see workshop listing below). Prior to the workshop you will complete a club review, and during the workshop you will start developing a simple, achievable child safe club action plan.

For more information please contact

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8th March 2023
Child Safe Sport Workshop Online -
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