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Office of Sport

School Camps

The school camps we deliver at our Sport and Recreation Centres focus on improving the physical, mental and social wellbeing of young people.

The Office of Sport delivers a range of school camp programs for primary and secondary students, which provide the opportunity for students to: 

  • Understand how being physically active positively contributes to their current and future wellbeing.
  • Experience sporting and active recreation opportunities in a fun, safe and supportive environment that improves confidence and motivation to keep participating.
  • Recognise that sport and active recreation can be inclusive and available to everyone.
  • Enhance their resilience, independence and teamwork. 

Our school camps are aligned with the The Australian Physical Literacy Framework developed by the Australian Sports Commission. Physical literacy gives students:

  • Physical skills and fitness
  • The attitudes and emotions that motivate you to be active
  • The knowledge and understanding of how, why and when you move
  • The social skills to be active with others. 

Students from all over NSW and neighbouring states have benefited from the programs at our 10 Sport and Recreation Centres, and visiting international schools love the distinctly Australian flavour of our camps and their location.

Our pricing for school camps can be found below. Please contact our Central Reservations Team for more information or to book. 

2024 School Camps Pricing (PDF, 81.21 KB)
2025 School Camps Pricing (PDF, 83.11 KB)

Stress-free school camps

It’s easy for teachers to relax and have fun at an Office of Sport camp. Enjoy a streamlined online application process as well as plenty of teacher comforts at camp:

  • Easy online student registration
  • Risk management information
  • Comfortable teacher accommodation
  • Separate dining area
  • Quality food
  • Tailored programs
  • Opportunity to join in
  • Teacher-only time

Safety first

Students are in safe hands at our camps as all activities are supervised by qualified program staff, experienced in delivering superior outdoor learning programs. Catering is available for special diets, allergies and medical conditions, and all staff are trained in first aid.

Please contact our Central Reservations Team to discuss your camp needs, we are happy to discuss various options with you to find the most suitable location and package for your camp

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