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COVID-19 Information

Advice for areas of concern

Currently Bayside, Blacktown, Burwood Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Fairfield, Georges River, Liverpool, Parramatta and Strathfield local government areas, and twelve suburbs in Penrith.

Other information

Financial support for individuals and organiations, COVID Safe Check In, translated resources and testing locations.

Resources Library

Resources from a variety of expert providers and official organisations to help support your sporting organisation.

Last Updated: Thursdsay 23 September 2021 4:00pm


From 12.01am Monday, 27 September outdoor pools across NSW will be able to open, provided councils have a stringent COVID safety plan approved by NSW Health. Natural pools are already permitted to be open.

The outdoor swimming pool COVID-19 Safety Plan is available for pool operators HERE.

Advice for stay at home areas

Which local government areas are classified as a stay at home area?

The NSW Government has a list of local government areas currently under stay-at-home restrictions, available HERE.

Can I take part in exercise or outdoor recreation if I live in a stay at home area?

  • If you are fully vaccinated, from Monday 13 September 2021, you can attend an outdoor gathering in a public space of up to 5 people for exercise or outdoor recreation so long as all those at the gathering aged 16 years or over are fully vaccinated:

    • You must have proof of your vaccination with you at all times.

    • You must show a Police Officer your proof of vaccination if its requested.  

  • Fully vaccinated means you have had 2 doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccination or have a medical contraindication certificate issued to you.  

  • The 5 person limit on these gatherings does not include children aged 12 or under. 

  • You are not prevented from attending more than one such gathering in a day. 

  • If you are not fully vaccinated: 

    • You can exercise with 1 other person that you do not live with, or your nominated visitor ("singles bubble").

    • If you live with more than 2 other people, you can all exercise together.

When engaging in exercise or outdoor recreation, stay within your local government area. If you need to cross into another local Government area you must stay within 5km of your home. 

Certain premises are also required to be closed to members of the public, including registered clubs and indoor recreational facilities.

How far can I travel to take part in exercise or outdoor recreation if I live in a stay at home area?

People must stay in their Local Government Area OR within 5km of home for exercise and outdoor recreation, with no carpooling between non-household members.

Do I need to wear a face mask while undertaking exercise or outdoor recreation if I live in a stay at home area?

People who live in a stay at home area are permitted to remove their face mask when undertaking exercise.

Advice for general areas

Which areas are classified as general areas?

A map detailing the regional are rural areas of NSW with limited restrictions is available HERE.

Note: if a person who lives in a general area goes to a stay-at-home area or an area of concern after 12.01 am on 11 September, the person will be subject to the direction that they can only leave home with a reasonable excuse for 14 days after they were last in the stay at home/area of concern.

What are the rules for outdoor gatherings in general areas?

The rules for regional and rural areas with limited restrictions are available on the NSW Government COVID-19 website HERE.

The maximum number of people allowed at the following outdoor gatherings, which would include for example gatherings for exercise or outdoor recreation, are as follows:

  • for a COVID-19 safe outdoor public gathering: 50 persons
    • A COVID-19 safe outdoor public gathering is a gathering for which a COVID-19 Safety Plan has been developed and is complied with; a copy of the plan is kept at the premises where the event is held; and, the plan is made available for inspection by an authorised officer or police officer.
  • for a controlled outdoor public gathering: 500 persons.
    • A controlled outdoor public gathering is a gathering that is enclosed or bounded by a fence or barrier and can only be accessed by way of a ticket and at which all people (other than staff) are assigned to a specific seat or seating area. 
  • at a major recreation facility: the lesser of one person per 4 square metres or 5000 people. 
  • for any other outdoor public gathering: 20 persons. 

Any specific restrictions that apply to a premises at which any of the above gatherings is held also need to be complied with.

Masks are not required at a major recreation facility or any outdoor gathering

What are the rules for gyms and indoor recreation facilities in general areas?

Gyms and indoor recreation facilities need to comply with the 1 person per 4 square metre rule

A 20-person limit applies to classes or activities at a gym. 

Dance classes, or any other activities such as a yoga class, also have a limit of 20 people. 

If you are participating in a dance class, gym class, or similar activity, you must wear a face mask unless exempt. 

Advice for areas of concern

Restrictions in local government areas of concern will start to align with other lockdown areas, as vaccination rates continue to rise in Sydney’s West and South-West. 

From Monday, 20 September, nearly all restrictions in the LGAs of concern are now aligned with other stay-at-home areas, with the main differences being authorised worker conditions and travel permit requirements which remain in place in the LGAs of concern. 

More information

Sport and Recreation Centre and Olympic Sport Venue Operations

The extended restrictions have led to the following changes to our Sport and Recreation Centres and Olympic Sport Venues.

Clients do not need to do anything at this stage to cancel their bookings. We will communicate directly with affected clients and will process full refunds as quickly as we can.

All Sport and Recreation Centres and Venues will be CLOSED from until at least 12:01am on 11 September 2021, with facilities in Greater Sydney closed until at least 30 September 2021. The following facilities have been made available to the public for exercise in compliance with the Public Health Orders.

  • The Jindabyne Oval and Track will be open to the public from 10am-4pm daily.
  • The Narrabeen Athletics Track, will be open from 3pm-6pm daily.
  • Public areas of Sydney International Regatta Centre including bike and walking paths will remain open - view daily opening hours.

Other information

The NSW Government and Commonwealth Government has announced a range of financial support measures for organisations and individuals affected by the current restrictions.

Information about NSW Government financial assistance can be found HERE

Information about Commonwealth Government support can be found on the Services Australia website.

The NSW Government Business Connect webinars provides information about the support available to businesses including grants, JobSaver payments, payroll tax support and tenancy support.

Register at NSW Government COVID-19 business support webinar.

From Monday 12 July 2021, the rules regarding use of the Service NSW QR Code check-in system must be used at a range or premises and activities:

If your business or organisation falls into one of the categories on the NSW Government QR Code Check in webpage, you will need to have:

  • a NSW Government QR code for your premises, venue or event so that staff and customers can check in using the Service NSW app
  • an alternative digital sign-in sheet for staff and customers who do not have a smart phone or are unable to sign-in using the Service NSW app. 

For this sport and recreation sector, this includes:

  • amusement centres
  • business premises: 
    • an occupation, profession or trade is carried on for the provision of services directly to members of the public on a regular basis, or
    • a service is provided directly to members of the public on a regular basis 
  • function centres
  • hospitality venues:
    • casinos
    • food and drink premises
    • micro-breweries, small distilleries holding a drink on-premises authorisation under the Liquor Act 2007 and cellar door premises
    • pubs, small bars and registered clubs
  • public swimming pools
  • recreation facilities (indoor)
  • recreation facilities (major)
  • retail premises (including premises that hire items or goods or sell wholesale)
  • school, university or other educational institutions (excluding students entering the school)
  • COVID-19 safe outdoor public gathering
  • controlled outdoor public gatherings

Register as a COVID Safe Business

Anyone with symptoms should come forward for COVID-19 testing. 

Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • fever (37.5 ° or higher)
  • cough
  • sore/scratchy throat
  • shortness of breath
  • loss of smell or
  • loss of taste.

Find a COVID-19 testing centre near you

To assist organisations in promoting the stay at home requirements across Greater Sydney, NSW Health has a range of translated communications available for download via the links below:


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