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Penrith Whitewater Stadium

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24th April 2024


7:30am to 8:30am


$40.00 - 1 Hour
Penrith Whitewater Stadium offers exclusive training sessions for local, interstate and international canoe slalom paddlers who are Grade 3 whitewater competent. First time users will need to complete a one-time Grade 3 Kayaking Skills Competency Assessment with Penrith Whitewater Stadium staff prior to accessing the whitewater channel. 

Session Information:
Safety: First time kayakers at PWS will be required to undertake a competency assessment before accessing the whitewater. All Slalom Training sessions at PWS are under the supervision of our Activity Instructors.
Fitness level: Physically fit, a strong swimmer and very confident in the water
Duration: 60 minutes
Minimum Age: 12 years
Experience: Canoe Slalom whitewater paddler and competent in Grade 3 whitewater

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Telephone Enquiries

02 4730 0087
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