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Office of Sport

This page provides basic information for the purposes of comparison only.

Please note that inclusions in base level packages vary between approved AED Panel Service Providers and may also differ from what is available directly from providers.

For a full listing of what is available from providers directly, contact them via the details below.

Provider details


Response For Life

Response For Life provide quality AED products and services with a focus on ongoing customer care and support. 

Our aim is to give Australians the confidence to help each other in an emergency sudden cardiac arrest situation. By getting your organisation AED equipped, familiar in use and CPR aware, you are best prepared to help a victim until an Ambulance arrives. 

Our organisation is proactive and proud to offer a professional, passionate and innovative hands-on approach to your needs, combined with years of experience. Response For Life are here to work in partnership with all communities to help save lives.


Arrangements to visit are by appointment only and as agreed by customer and Response For Life. Response For Life offer free product demonstrations for customers where possible and at the customers convenience.

Julia Zuza
0421 752 152
Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm sends e-mail)

Most competitively priced basic package

Model: Heartsine SAM 350P and 360P

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
$2,350 $2,450 $2,650

Office of Sport minimum requirements for all AED packages


  • Basic Package at minimal includes the AED unit along with face to face AED Familiarisation Session to build confidence in use
  • No minimum or maximum numbers for attendees 
  • Date and time to best suit your organisation
  • Defibrillator finance available

Other AED Base packages and upgrade packages available



Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

ZOLL AED Plus (Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic option)




ZOLL AED 3 (Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic option)




DefibTech Lifeline VIEW (Semi-Automatic)




Heartsine SAM 500P with CPR Advisor (Semi-Automatic)




Heartsine SAM 360P (Fully Automated)




Heartsine SAM 350P (Semi-Automatic)




Philips HeartStart FRx (Automated)




Physio Control Lifepak CR2 (Semi-automatic)




Physio Control Lifepak CR2 (Automated)




All AEDs can be upgraded with additional features  

Standard plus package Upgrade includes bag/case, rescue kit, child pads, AED signage, wall bracket
Premium package Upgrade includes bag/case, rescue kit, child pads, AED signage, wall cabinet

Please note that the AED Service Providers Terms and Conditions Apply. Organisations must rely on their own enquires regarding the suitability of the AED Panel Service Provider that they engage and satisfy themselves that the services and products to be provided are suitable to their own needs. Organisations are encouraged to contact the AED Service Provider to obtain details on their AED Packages. 

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