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Office of Sport


Applications that were deemed ineligible did not demonstrate one or a number of the following required criteria.

Ineligible organisation

For example the applicant was:

  • located in a state other than NSW,
  • not an outdoor active recreation provider,
  • listed an ABN registered less than 2 years,
  • eligible for funding under Community Sports Recovery Program including Grassroots Sport Fund (affiliated with a recognised State Sporting organisation / State Sporting Organisation for people with a Disability).

Ineligible budget items

For example the activity was:

  • not considered a marketing activity,
  • promotion of an event not an outdoor active recreation activity,
  • for purchase of equipment.

Ineligible activity

For example the activity applied for was not considered outdoor active recreation under the guideline definitions


Applications that were deemed unsuccessful were deemed eligible however did not demonstrate thorough fulfilment of the merit assessment or were not as competitive as the successful applications.

For example

  • The proposed activity did not demonstrate that it offered a diverse range of Outdoor Active Recreation activities, experiences or programs
  • The application did not clearly articulate the breadth of the target market for the activities, experiences or programs
  • The application did not clearly demonstrate how the proposed activity would target priority population groups and increase participation in these communities / cohorts
  • The application did not clearly demonstrate how the marketing activities would be implemented (for example the application did not contain a detailed marketing plan or the marketing plan provided lacked sufficient detail)
  • The application budget was not considered reasonable, cost effective or providing good value for money to deliver the proposed activity, experience or program.
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