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NSW ATP Cup Tennis Legacy Fund

At the inaugural ATP Cup in January 2020, Tennis NSW and the NSW Government were pleased to announce the launch of the NSW ATP Cup Tennis Legacy Fund, which will invest more than $5 million into community tennis over three years. The spirit, energy and success of the ATP Cup is encouraging many to pick up a racquet and the Legacy Fund will play a key role in continuing to ensure the growth of tennis participation.

Important dates

The following dates are indicative and apply only to this round.

  • Applications open Tuesday, 29 March 2022
  • Applications close at 1pm Monday, 2 May 2022
  • Eligibility and Panel assessment process, May 2022
  • Announcement of successful projects, June 2022
  • Funding agreements executed for successful projects by the end of June 2022
  • All projects expected to be completed December 2023

Key objectives

The overall objectives of the fund are to: 

  • drive economic and social benefits to NSW communities; and 

  • provide appropriate facilities to support the talent pathway from grass roots to elite for players, coaches and officials 

Category 2: Facility Development and Upgrades 

  • Are for small to medium facility development or upgrades that demonstrate how outcomes will increase participation. 

Category 3: Participation Initiatives

  • Delivery of a specific new or expansion of an existing program or initiative to increase participation growth in tennis. 

Funding availability

Total funding available for this Program is up to $330,000. This will be the final round of the program. 

For Category 2 Applications 

The fund may support up to 25% of the net project cost 

  • The maximum grant amount available is $50,000 

  • The minimum grant amount available is $7,500 

For Category 3 Applications 

The fund may support up to 75% of the net project cost 

  • The maximum grant amount available is $10,000 

  • The minimum grant amount available is $1,000 

Eligible applicants

To be eligible for this grant program, applicants must be one of the following: 

  • NSW based incorporated tennis clubs and associations that are affiliated with Tennis NSW 

  • Local Councils in NSW 

  • Organisations that own and administer public parklands  (Cat 2 only)

  • Other incorporated bodies that are located in NSW and affiliated with, recognised and/or sanctioned by Tennis NSW (Cat 2 only)

Other bodies or deliverers that are located in NSW and affiliated with, recognised and/orsanctioned by Tennis NSW may be eligible - for more details please look at the specific eligibility criteria for each Category.

Ineligible applicants

Unincorporated bodies (including businesses trading as sole traders) are not eligible.

Ineligible parties can partner with an eligible organisation if they wish to apply. Please speak to Tennis NSW in advance of applying for any questions about eligibility.  

Types of eligible projects

Category 2  

Examples of Facility Development or Upgrades may include projects that: 

  • Support increased participation and reduce barriers to participate through the construction of new or upgraded facilities e.g. building, expanding and/or upgrading clubhouse and amenities (e.g. roofing, shading, viewing area, change rooms, toilets), venue accessibility (e.g. walkway, ramps, off-court lighting), new or replacement fencing. 

  • Support increased participation through new or upgraded courts (inclusive of major court rectification works, court conversion, court expansion (new/additional courts including Hot Shots courts) and court resurfacing. 

  • Support increased participation and/or venue and environmental sustainability e.g. LED flood lighting upgrade, safety lighting, water saving initiatives • Support increased participation by providing ancillary facilities at established facilities e.g. fixed sun protection shelters  

  • Applications for other projects that meet the objectives of the program are encouraged. 

Category 3  

Examples of eligible participation projects that increase playing opportunities and align to key strategies may include: 

  • Outreach initiatives to engage specific groups or communities  

  • Flexible program options that suit any fitness level and don’t require specific skills  

  • Programs focused on having a fun, enjoyable and social experience  

  • Team-based sessions, with a mixture of learning opportunities for youth  

  • Programs with technology interface to increase user experience  

  • Programs that integrate tennis with a focus on health and well-being 

  • Programs that will increase the skill level of players/participants  

  • Costs associated with overcoming an identified barrier to participation in sport 

  • Mental health education initiatives conducted within the tennis context • Projects that improve a club’s community presence, ability to communicate with members or undertake administrative functions e.g. a club could purchase accounting software to assist it to manage its finances or membership database  

  • Projects aimed at reducing barriers for participation in Regional tournaments and events e.g. team transport for district competitions and tournaments, subsidised player and official registration fees  

  • Project to install and implement electronic access system to a venue including the related equipment (hardware) and software. 

  • Projects that are not primarily used for tennis activities 

  • General maintenance or repair for normal wear and tear, e.g. painting, running costs, tree trimming, building repairs, cleaning, court maintenance and minor repairs/rectification (considered maintenance work)  

  • Retrospective funding requests, where projects have commenced construction or have already been completed 

  • Projects that will not be completed by the specified timeframes for each funding Category 

Please also see the guidelines for a full list of ineligible budget items. 

Applications closed Monday 2 May at 1pm.


Potential applicants are encouraged to review our frequently asked questions to ensure that their application addresses the relevant requirements.

View the guidelines

Information Session

Tennis NSW and the Office of Sport hosted an online information session. You can view the information session live recording here and download the presentation document.

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