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Sport Development Program

The Sport Development Program (SDP) is designed to assist eligible State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) and State Sporting Organisations for people with Disability (SSODs) to develop their sport activities at all levels in NSW.  It aims to assist these bodies achieve performance outcomes detailed in their business plans.  

The program provides a flexible system of financial support, which responds to the priorities of organisations and is consistent with government policies and priorities.

Key features

  • An eligibility and funding process
  • Annual funding
  • Six base level funding categories
    - Minimum amount available under SDP is $5k per annum
    - Maximum amount available under SDP is $60k per annum
  • Funding support based on category ranking
  • All funding is subject to annual performance reporting and assessment
  • Invest in an organisation’s strategic business plan
  • Eligible to apply for project level funding under the Sport Development program grants

To be eligible for recognition by the Office of Sport, SSO’s and SSOD’s must meet the eligibility criteria and continue to work towards the Sport Australia governance principles and appropriately implement their child protection, risk management and member protection policies.


  • To support the development of a sport rather than the development of individual organisations
  • To provide people in NSW with access to a wide choice of sports and the greatest opportunity to participate
  • To encourage SSOs and SSODs to work in partnership with government to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for the industry and community
  • To follow the direction set by the SA in recognition of sports

Who Is Eligible?

Organisations wishing to be eligible for recognition and/or assistance under the SDP must:

  • Be properly constituted and compliant with relevant incorporation legislation
  • Be a 'not for profit' incorporated body *
  • Be truly representative of the sport in NSW with jurisdiction on a state-wide basis
  • Be affiliated with a National sporting organisation that is funded and/or recognised by the Sport Australia 
  • Comply with the world anti-doping code as supported by the Sport Australia
  • Comply with all relevant NSW legislation relating to match-fixing and integrity in sport and the conditions of the National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport as agreed by Australian Governments on 10 June 2010 and any match-fixing or integrity in sport policy adopted by the respective sport’s governing body
  • Be able to demonstrate that they are responsive to and complying with relevant government policies and committed to the development of social justice and gender equity strategies as components of their business plan

* Not for profit incorporated body is an independently incorporated constituted organisation which does not distribute profits to shareholders, even though it may be desirable for them to produce surpluses for future working capital or judicious reserves.

Funding Categories

Funding categories based on the capacity of organisations to deliver services.

Organisations wishing to apply for recognition and funding under the SDP are required to provide detailed information in order to enable the Office of Sport to determine the appropriate funding category.

A breakdown of the broad characteristics of each funding category including the level and type of Government investment is provided in the below table:

Category Purpose of funding SDP amount available
Category 1B Stability and basic administration support $5,000*
Category 1A Stability and basic administration support $10,000
Category 2 Stability and growth $15,000
Category 3 Growth and development $20,000
Category 4 Growth and development $30,000
Category 5 Development and building organisational capacity $55,000
Category 6 Strategic leadership and building organisational capacity $60,000**


*Minimum amount available under SDP is $5k per annum
**Maximum amount available under SDP is $60k per annum

Funding approval

The allocation of funding under the SDP is based on the assessment of the broad criteria, information provided and the capacity of the organisation to meet Government priorities and outcomes.  

Maximum amount available to eligible organisations under the SDP is $60k per annum.  

The final recommendations for funding assistance will be forwarded to the NSW Minister for Sport for consideration and final approval.

For further information about this program contact the Grants Unit(link sends e-mail)

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