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Active Youth Program

Active Youth Program - Western Region

Active Youth is a pilot program, aiming to get more Kelso High students in year 8 & 9 active and enjoying the benefits of physical activity.

Now is a great time to get out with your friends, be active, have fun and feel great! Through the utilisation of Active Kids vouchers, students have the opportunity to sign up and participate in a free 8 week program.

Following commitment and attendance of the 8 week program, students will get to attend the Lake Burrendong Sport and Recreation Centre for a 3 day camp (during school time) from 8 – 10 June. If you missed the assembly, or want to check out what the programs about check out the video.

How to get involved in the program

  1. Register for your Active Kids voucher.
  2. Register for your chosen activity using the program registration links section below.
  3. Participate in the Active Kids program – 28 March – 3 June (8 weeks)
    Register to attend camp (link will be provided who participate in the Active Kids Program). 
  4. Attend a 3 day camp at Lake Burrendong Sport and Recreation Centre from 8-10 June after the program is finished.


Starting: Thursday 31 March

When: Thursdays, 3:45-5.15pm

Location: Kelso High Oval

Transport: Not required

Registration linkExergames After School Program Registration

Cross Fit

Starting: Wednesday 30 March

When: Wednesdays, 3:45-4.30pm

Location: Kelso High Oval

Transport: Not required

Registration linkCrossFit 2795


Starting: Monday 28 March

When: Mondays, 4pm

Location: 255 Boundary Rd, Bathurst

Transport: Not supplied



Starting: Thursday 31 March

When: Thursdays, 5pm

Location: PCYC Bathurst, Cnr Morrisset & Commonwealth Streets, Bathurst

Transport: Not supplied

Cost: 12 month PCYC membership $10

Registration informationBecome a member and pay $10 via PCYC Bathurst - Home Page (, then ring PCYC Bathurst on 02 6331 2191 to join the Parkour Class. Mention you are from Kelso High to receive the package in using your Active Kids Vouchers to cover the full cost of the 8 week program.


Find an Active Kids provider, and register at school with Amanda Rohr from Wellbeing at

What is Active Kids?

Each year, school-enrolled children in NSW are eligible to access two $100 
Active Kids vouchers.

The Active Kids Program is funded by the NSW Government until 2023. Active Kids vouchers can be used with any registered Active Kids Provider, to help cover costs towards registration or membership fees for sport, physical activity and active recreation. Active Kids Voucher 1 is available from January and Voucher 2 is available from July (both valid through to December 31).

Every school aged student is eligible for another Active Kids voucher from 1 July. So don’t forget to redeem your voucher in July and try another fun Active Kids activity. If you don’t use it by 31 December – you lose it!

For more information email

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