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Office of Sport

Purpose-built development programs

Achieve your personal and team development goals with an outcome-based program at Berry Sport and Recreation Centre. Our instructors can tailor-make a program utilising a range of outdoor challenges to meet many of your needs, including personal improvement, team building, problem solving, thinking outside the box, goal setting and meeting challenges. Ideal for university and TAFE associations, let Berry Sport and Recreation Centre get your team out of their comfort zone and take their development to the next level.

Put words into action

Outdoor challenges can promote adaptability, problem solving and decision-making along with encouraging resilience, teamwork and confidence. On the back of a sit-down training session, they can also reinforce and help maximise training through practical experience. It’s a great way to keep focus and make training fun. At Berry Sport and Recreation Centre, our qualified instructors can deliver a program tailored specifically to your training needs. 


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