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Office of Sport

Programs on offer

At an Office of Sport outdoor education program, your students will benefit from top-notch facilities and fully-qualified and experienced staff whose main focus is providing valuable learning outcomes in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

Whether you would like to improve class communication, strengthen students’ teambuilding capabilities, overcome obstacles or tackle bullying,
our friendly and experienced camp experts will work with you to best support your school’s objectives and needs with exciting and challenging
activities and experiences.

When your school books a school camp with us, our camp experts will ask you about your focus objectives, rather than just the activities you are interested in. This allows us to design a tailormade program to suit your students’ needs. All of our activities can be facilitated in a variety of ways to focus on specific outcomes. 

Not sure where to start? A solution to this is our signature program ROAR (Relationships, Outdoors, Physical Activity and Resilience) which is adapted for both primary and secondary school students and is able to be further customised to best meet your school’s focus objectives.

Our ROAR program takes your students’ learning into the outdoors to develop improved self-awareness and self-esteem, your students will grow and experience exposure to new and testing situations as we guide them through challenge by choice participation.

Our camp experts are always happy to discuss your objectives and our flexible program design allows us to deliver fun, active and rewarding experiences for both students and teachers.

How does it work?

Our camp experts will review your objectives and design a custom program to meet your needs. Prior to your camp, you will be provided with a program where we welcome feedback or questions for a greater understanding of how we can best meet your focus objectives. Once your school arrives at camp, our camp experts will work closely with you to track students’ progress with these focus objectives.

Throughout the activity you can watch your students as they participate in their camp journey, watch as they develop new skills and approach a variety of social situations with renewed independence and resilience. Our camp experts will reinforce these objectives through messaging and instruction throughout the program, striving to engage students with positive, enjoyable and purposeful participation.

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